• From September 5th 2017 amendment No. 2.2 of the ETCI National Rules for Electrical Installations will be implemented in the Republic Of Ireland prohiting the installation of twin and earth cable with reduced size bare earth conductor
  • Euro Sales now have the new IS201-4 BASEC approved Twin & Earth cable in stock. Contact Our sales team for information.
  • Approved Twin and Earth cables can be found Here  
  • Approved Twin and Earth Low Smoke cables can be found Here

Code TE6242Y
CodeCable SizeCOLOURPERPrice
100TE10 Sq mmBlue/Brown100M296.64 ex VAT
100TE/5010 Sq mmBlue/Brown50M148.32 ex VAT
100TE/50010 Sq mmBlue/BrownMETRE2.73 ex VAT
15PVCPVCBRE1.5 Sq mmBROWN100M27.50 ex VAT
15TE1.5 Sq mmBlue/Brown100M36.27 ex VAT
15TEBR1.5 Sq mmBrown/Brown100M36.27 ex VAT
160TE16 Sq mmBlue/Brown100M462.24 ex VAT
160TE/5016 Sq mmBlue/Brown50M231.12 ex VAT
160TE/50016 Sq mmBlue/BrownMETRE4.32 ex VAT
25TE2.5 Sq mmBlue/Brown100M54.99 ex VAT
60TE6 Sq mmBlue/Brown100M130.80 ex VAT
60TE/506 Sq mmBlue/Brown50M65.40 ex VAT
60TE/5006 Sq mmBlue/BrownMETRE1.62 ex VAT